Friday, July 17, 2009

Bohemian Paradise or Cesky Raj

We went on a spectacular "vylet" outing with the office staff this week. (Mike is afraid that when the new office couple arrives we won't be in the "in group" anymore! ) We left the mission office in a rain storm and although we had to hike under our umbrellas . . . it only added to the ambience of the scenery!

The rain, fog and mist enhanced the views!
at Trotsky Castle

with Elders Kartchner and Nowland

Elders Lindsay and Robbins

Elder Guzy and Sestra Robbins

Elder Kartchner exploring!?!

As Sister Slovacek said, "This is where Zions National Park meets the Amazon."

On to Valdstein castle, with Pres and Sister Slovacek in the middle

more gorgeous views...

Oh and this castle has a real dungeon

"Come and see it Mike, I promise I won't close the door."


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ceska Babicky (Czech Grandmas)

I didn't realize until I downloaded my photos that I had a theme going on. . . .

For Family Home Evening the young adults visited a nursing home to visit Babicka Dana who was celebrating her 83rd birthday. She is one of the oldest long time members in the Czech Republic. We brought her flowers and sang to her. She and her daughter, who is not a member were most grateful and it was a tender experience for all of us.

On Saturday we ate and learned how to make "knedliky ovecem" (dumplings with fruit) from
Babicky Jana and Anicka.
The young adults hosted a "RETRO PARTY" with music from the 60's to 80's.
Some of our beautiful girls!

Members young and old had a great time. . .
Especially Babicka Emilie!

(Don't ask why it uploaded on it's side, I couldn't have done this if I tried!)
"Natalie, HELP!"