Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just a lime green bag

The month before we left for the Czech Republic, my sisters and I were at lunch for Margie's birthday. Margie is the "champion shopper" in our family and when she finds a good deal she not only stocks up for herself, but she generously buys one for her daughters, daughter-in laws, sisters and sister-in-laws. At "HER" birthday lunch she gave each of us a little fold-up bag!
This is my cute lime green bag.
Very convenient to keep in your purse just in case. At the last minute I popped it into my suitcase to bring on my mission. "Might just come in handy.", I thought. HANDY!?!? The scriptures say that out of the small and weak proceed that which is great.
A good portion of this mission has involved shopping for, fixing and serving food! I calculate this little unassuming bag has carried groceries for 59 family home evening dinners, (and counting), treats for 81 outreach evenings, monthly activities, plus our personal shopping trips. Remember everything I buy has to be hand carried home or to church via the tram or metro. (subway) This cute lime green bag is one tough "cookie"!!!!
It has carried well over 1500 lbs of groceries and it's still going strong!!!!
I love this little bag.
(Margie whatever you paid it was a bargain!!!!)
Thank you, thank you

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vesele Vanoce 2009

Last summer Sestra Rezkova invited us to come to her home for a real Czech Christmas dinner. With the AP's we drove to her home in Kladno which is a 45 minute drive "over the river and through the woods" into the beautiful Czech countryside. If you remember the carp being selected from my last post, we are sure Sestra Jana selected a very large one! The first thing on the menu was Carp Soup. It was delicious!! Elder Waldo finished every last bite.
After she took the soup bowls away there were these three little "things?" on our plates. They are carp scales and if you put them in your wallet and keep them there all year you will never want for money. (Or you may just have a stinky wallet, but why not give it a try!?!)

Next she brought out this beautiful and very good potatoe salad that is always served with the carp. She explained to watch out for the bones for many end up in the hospital to have them removed, but they always end up eating the carp again. We also had the choice of chicken and pork. All three choices where battered and fried. My carp was not bad and I didn't encounter too many bones and none got stuck.

After dinner she said that for a year of happiness and love we needed to kiss under the mistletoe which we were happy to do. The mistletoe is sprayed gold. Of course the Elders couldn't do any kissing but there is a tradition for the singles. She had each of them remove one shoe and throw it over their shoulder towards the door. (Mind you, her room is very small and the door had a large pane of glass in it, but that didn't stop her from having them participate in this tradition.) If the shoe lands with the toe pointed towards the door the thrower will be married in 2010. If the heel points toward the door another year of bachelorhood is the result. Elder Williams was a bit disappointed. He goes home this year and has a girlfriend.

Next, she gave each of us an apple to eat, but before we ate the apple we had to cut it open vertically. If the star was intact we were guaranteed another year of health!

. . . . . looks good for 2010!
She then explained that "Little Jesus" had left presents for us, unfortunately someone left the window open and he was able to escape without us seeing him. However before we could receive our gift we must sing a song for her.

After each of their songs, Elders Robbins, Mittanck and Williams each received a cross-stitched temple of "their" temple.

Sestra Robbins received a hand embroidered towel. What a dear, generous woman!

Elder Robbins explained that there was a gift for her also, but she needed to sing to receive it which she did, with much joy!

After dinner, from which we were stuffed already, she brought out these trays of meats, and sandwiches and goodies. Then sent each of us home with Czech Cookies and sandwiches to eat later.

This will be one of those most memorable Christmas'!

In the evening we were invited to the mission home for dinner and family home evening with all the missionaries in Prague

Prague sister missionaries!

The whole GANG.

Next morning, breakfast with the Prague Zone

Such wonderful missionaries. Elder Roberts and Mittanck.
(All the festivities make being away from our dear family a little easy this time of the year.)

"When it snows in Prague it is never more than an inch or two and it doesn't stick to the ground."
Well this is the winter of 2010 and this what the streets look like 4 days after the snowfall. Snow everywhere and the cars haven't moved!

Looking out at our little balcony.
Central Europe got blasted and it is sticking and stinkin' cold!!