Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Surprise" Sunday

Perhaps you have heard of "Fast Sunday" and here in Prague they have "Fat Sunday". It's the week before Fast Sunday when all the members bring a dish or goodies to share and they eat together after the Sunday meetings. But have you ever heard of "Surprise Sunday"? Well it all started last Christmas; the sisters in the Prague branch made or donated gifts to give to all the missionaries. Two of the sister missionaries received the cutest handmade dolls in authentic Czech costumes. I immediately asked the Relief Society President if I could pay the sister to make some for me to take home to my grand daughters. She responded by telling me she didn't think the sister who made them would make them for money and she wouldn't tell which sister made them. Oh well, I tried! Then two weeks ago she told me she had a "surprise" for me......

Isn't she adorable!?! Her skirt, blouse,vest, petticoat and boots are all beautifully hand knit. It was reinforced to me that she is made with love and not money and I do LOVE her, just wish I knew where to find five more. (She is sitting in front of my Christmas poinsettia and Grandma Carol would be so proud of me keeping it alive until Valentines, she always did!) Speaking of Valentines..... here"s mine......

He looks soooo happy because he just received a box of Wheat Chex from Allison and Matt.

Looks like a full bowl of Chex, but there are layered desserts and layered casseroles and now layered cereal 1st layer: cornflakes 2nd layer: musli 3rd layer: chex topped with a banana! We're trying to make them last as long as possible. As I always say, "A man of few needs and even fewer wants."
Wow is he ever enjoying his Chex!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sights and Sounds? of February

We wrap our scarves lightly around our necks, pull our collars up, put our heads down and head out into the cold. These are the sidewalks we usually see. Which are quite beautiful, but we decided we need to look up and show this lovely neighborhood we live in.......

All these sights are just around the corner from our apartment

This one is a couple of blocks away, but we thought our boys would like to see that their friend "Houmra" made it to the Czech Republic.

Ready for FHE - we fix dinner and have family home evening every Monday. It has become a great place for the missionaries to bring their young adult investigator to meet and become friends with young adult members.

Writing their goals, that we plan to send to them in January 2010

The missionaries came for lunch last week!

This was right before many of them were transferred. Luckily the President left us together for the next eight weeks!!

See the missionaries sing.... at this point I was the only soprano and Elder Apple (the one in the hat) sang falsetto with me and I giggled through most of the song, but he did infact sound better than I!!
Now hear the missionaries sing.......
Now my children really are shocked!!!
It's my first successful filming and I expect to IMPROVE.