Friday, June 25, 2010

Home again home again "Giggity-gig"

To finish off the happy, happenings happening in Prague we need to get us back to the home of the free and brave and Utah soil!! Twenty hours into our trip home and we are finally on the last leg, New York to Salt Lake.
(Hey, we can read all the signs!!)

We made it!!!

Are we excited or what!:?!

Maybe because it was 11:00 pm or....

maybe our kids are disleksic,(sp?) but no matter they were a

Hugs all around. . .

Bishop Dave and Diane Child

Jeffy got special persmission to stay up late.

We had to meet Charles Paulsen Wood, "Charlie" our newest grandson just 2 weeks fresh from heaven. Yes it is heaven to be back with our dear family.

"Days never to be forgotten"

As Oliver Cowdery said: "These were days never to be forgotten." We have been home from the Czech Republic now for three months and the time we spent there with the the youth and missionaries becomes more and more precious. The capstone of our mission was an invitation to go with the youth from the Czech Republic to the temple in Frieberg, Germany. We were asked to present a fireside in the temple. Approximately 60 youth attended to perform baptisms for the dead. They were divided into two groups: one group did baptisms while the other group attended the fireside and had lunch. Our topic was, walk in the light. Mike's oldest brother Dave had been battling cancer and Mike checked his email at 6:00 am, right before we left to find that his brother had passed away. This sad news made us both especially sensitive to the spirit that day and we had a very tender and spiritual experience as we taught in the temple.

Sunday, March 14th was a difficult day as we said good-bye to these faithful saints we have come to love so much.....

with Magda, Robert and Mariana

Petr, Mike, Nad'a, Lubamir, Shauna, Eva, Jiri, Radek
Emilie, Nina, Marie

Jarda and Helena, our institute director and teacher

Petra and Veronika... we love these girls

Jiri, Milan, Martin and Katja

Eva, the quinticential Relief Society President

Turning our apartment, responsibilites and "our kids" over to
Elder Terry and Sister Karen Foster

Our Fearless District leader, Elder McGown

Our wonderful Mission President and his wife
Marvin and Ellen Slovacek
There are not words sufficient to express our love for these people and to the Lord for the privilege of serving as missionaries in the Czech Republic.
September 2008 - March 2010