Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Na sladanou is very difficult!

Eighteen months ago it was difficult to leave family and friends and go to the Czech Republic, but even then we knew it would be just as hard, if not harder to leave the Czech Republic and these are a few of the reasons why. . .
The Pilkovi. . .

I was Alena Pilka's visiting teacher and I fell in love with her children: Dusan, Gabby, Jonas and Radek. All but Radek speak excellent English. Radek didn't care if I could understand him or not, he would chatter away to me. I know I could have learned more Czech if I could have spent more time with him.
Last Zone Conference. . .
(unfortunately the video I took of the missionaries singing our mission song didn't turn out! My video skills really didn't improve much. RATS!!)

The Sisters all got the black, white and aqua memo.

Our last Young Single Adult activity was the
Ex-Valentine Oldies Party

Mike left early after struggling with the flu all day and the branch turned it into a going away party for us. So sorry he wasn't there to enjoy the love.

They brought out bowls of water and each member put a little paper flower in the water that opened up and when all the flowers were open it read:

Saying goodbye to Ondrej was truly like leaving one of our sons. He has been coming to church, family home evenings, young adult activities and even went with us to the young adult conference last summer. Mike has had the privilege to teach him for almost 15 months and although he knows the church is true there are a few things that are keeping him from making the committment.

Dear Jarda and Ivana. . .

Jarda has been the glue that kept our young adult council going. He is an outstanding young man. He served a mission in the Utah South mission and he and Ivana will be married next month.

Beautiful Lenka. . .
invited us for grilled fish!

Lenka's father, the master fish griller!
(Magda and Sister Magidson)

Enjoying the delicious result.

Our last family home evening with these wonderful young adults and missionaries.

Tereza who was baptized the week after we left. She made this decision inspite of parental disapproval.

Martin who was baptized in February. He told us the first time he came to Family Home Evening he felt something he had never felt before. After he was baptized he knew he was home.
Hradecs Kralove...
we spent every Wednesday evening holding outreach and attending institute.

Praha institute class.. .
Helena, the institute teacher told us the best thing that we could give to them was to bear our testimonies and then the best thing that they could give to us was to bear their testimonies to us. Many of the kids didn't come that night because they said it would be too hard to say goodbye to us. It was a very tender and special evening for us and the kids shared with us the influence we had had in helping them gain their testimonies. Mike and I felt very humbled as we listened to their expressions of love and gratitude. What an amazing experience this has been for us.