Friday, June 25, 2010

Home again home again "Giggity-gig"

To finish off the happy, happenings happening in Prague we need to get us back to the home of the free and brave and Utah soil!! Twenty hours into our trip home and we are finally on the last leg, New York to Salt Lake.
(Hey, we can read all the signs!!)

We made it!!!

Are we excited or what!:?!

Maybe because it was 11:00 pm or....

maybe our kids are disleksic,(sp?) but no matter they were a

Hugs all around. . .

Bishop Dave and Diane Child

Jeffy got special persmission to stay up late.

We had to meet Charles Paulsen Wood, "Charlie" our newest grandson just 2 weeks fresh from heaven. Yes it is heaven to be back with our dear family.


  1. If the title of this post doesn't scream "Mom" then I don't know what does. :) We are glad to have you back. Love you.