Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Inspectors are in town!

Every nine weeks transfers happen in the Czech Prague Mission. As part of our responsibility we become the "inspectors" to make sure the missionary apartments reach the "standard of excellence" for cleanliness. Hotels are rated with stars but our rating system uses licorice!
Elders Grimshaw and Kartchner are anxiously awaiting their rating!!
Elders Robert and McGowen received a "4-licorice" apartment.

Looks like a robber would have a hard time breaking in there!!

Sisters Tate and Magidson are happy with their 4 licorice. These are all such wonderful missionaries and this month 20% of our missionaries are going home. That means we lose alot of leaders!!

We were invited to the Balakovi for a delicious czech svickova dinner. Nina and Jiri are real stalwarts of the Prague branch and they were married just two years ago. Lula on the end is from Ethiopia and she joined the church in December.

When you enter a Czech home you remove your shoes and are given "house shoes" to wear. . .

I had to get a photo of all of our colorful "house shoes."


  1. Dad looks like he is laughing his "evil Laugh" in the first picture. And I'm pretty sure the creator of the 4 licorice inspection system also created the "Sunshine Room' Award. Happy Valentine's Day! We love you guys and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  2. Maybe I should use the licorce system on my little grandkids! Nothing seems to work, so maybe licorce will. Maybe I try it on Keith too!
    I can't beleive this is almost over for you. I'm not sure about you, but it has truly gone by very quickly. Let us know about you homecoming report and we will try to be there!

  3. I hate it that my laptop died...I am so behind on all the blog posts. I only check when I'm at work. So... house shoes... I can't decide if that is a good idea or not:) See you soon!!